Creating an Exceptional Market for Your Company

As an owner of a privately-held company, you do not have the benefit of a daily market quote to measure the value of your shares.  Nor do you have an easy way to convert those shares to cash as you would by way of a public stock exchange.  We turn this apparent disadvantage into an advantage for our clients by creating a private market of exceptional buyers. The distinctive process that we undertake is designed to identify those buyers with the most compelling reasons to acquire a client’s business—regardless of the buyer’s core business.

There are both subtle and sophisticated techniques used in the upfront introduction and presentation of a company to buyers that maximize the value ultimately realized. We quietly assemble an optimal bidding pool of qualified buyers with the objective of producing the maximum valuation.  To accomplish this, we actively search for buyers on a worldwide basis.  We do not stick to convention and, instead, broaden our search by stepping outside of a client’s industry to look at allied fields and other industries to find a distinctive audience of enthusiastic buyers from around the world.


Creating Advantage in Negotiations

Achieving the highest offers for your company is one part of the equation—steering the process to a successful closing with the valuation intact is another.

We keep the vital leverage in negotiations on our side by maintaining a competitive process among a small group of keen buyers.  This advantage must be maintained throughout the program.

We do not take a standardized approach to our assignments.  By following a highly customized process, we are able to discreetly approach the marketplace, and at the same time, induce the necessary competitive pressure that is required to maintain the integrity of a buyer’s offer.  We are unrivaled in our ability to create an advantageous environment in which to negotiate.

A Successful Transaction is Measured by Value as Well as by Terms

The terms and conditions of a transaction are as important as the price achieved and can be costly if not properly managed.  We anticipate and identify critical terms at an early stage of a sales assignment in order to maximize the outcome.  It is important to be proactive in this area of negotiation since active acquirers are highly experienced in making acquisitions in a way that benefits them most.  We approach our assignments in a comprehensive manner and are sensitive to all of the elements of a transaction and the impact the terms will have on the shareholders long after the transaction is completed.

Comprehensive Service

The sale or acquisition of a company is one of the most important decisions that a shareholder may ever make.  It can also be a major distraction to owners and managers.
Our comprehensive Investment Banking services will allow you to stay focused on your company’s day-to-day operations—a necessity that must not be overlooked.  We will manage your pending transaction with discretion, confidentiality and with as little intrusion into your daily business affairs as possible.

The Art and The Skill

Structuring and closing a transaction requires special skills and artful management.  We act as the master architect of every assignment—each one is of paramount importance to us.  We carefully evaluate each assignment and will not engage in a relationship unless we expect a successful outcome.